***December 2017***
Ian Andrew’s Face Value awarded the Publishers Weekly BookLife prize for 2017… read more

Welcome to the official website of Ian Andrew, author of the cross-genre thriller ‘A Time to Every Purpose’ and the ‘Wright & Tran’ series of detective thrillers.

Here you’ll find information about Ian, his books, his blog, his independent publishing journey and the various events and workshops he runs. You’ll also discover a lot of background information about Kara, Tien, Leigh, Mary, Heinrich and the other characters that populate his worlds…

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Face Value

Winner of the Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize for 2017 – The first in the ‘Wright & Tran’ series of detective thrillers. This amazing introduction to an action-packed world where military intelligence techniques are used in civilian private investigations with stunning results.

Wright and Tran are the best in the business. Andrew’s own experience working with Military Intelligence provides his work with authenticity and heart…
The West Australian

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Flight Path

Wright & Tran are back in the thrilling follow-up to Face Value. An international pursuit to answer one deceptively simple request:

“I’d like you to make sure
the dead are really dead.”

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Fall Guys

Kara Wright and Tien Tran, combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as Private Investigators. Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training.

“We want to know why the Brits
are selling weapons to ISIS”

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A Time To Every Purpose

Ian Andrew’s amazing debut novel that combines Alternative History with a thrilling Action-Adventure story. Set in a world uncomfortably recognisable and yet so fundamentally different.

“A Time To Every Purpose by Ian Andrew deals with huge concepts, looking at the broad sweep of history… a well-executed alternate history novel with some great action scenes.”
(News UK)

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The Little Book of Silly Rhymes and Odd Verses

An illustrated collection of daft, sometimes sad and occasionally thought provoking verses from the pen of Ian Andrew. Illustrations by Alison Mutton.

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