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Fall Guys

Thought I should post a quick update, as I've been getting asked quite regularly about it... Fall Guys, the third in the Wright and Tran series of novels, is due for release in March 2017. The last few chapters are being written, then a couple of months of editing...

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Discovering Books – 2

I've just finished the most peculiar of books. It was mesmerising, deep, dark, twisted. A brilliant crime novel and one that was recognised with the Ned Kelly Award for best debut in 2014 from the Australian Crime Writers Association. So it shouldn't have been a...

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Discovering Books

I have a tendency to discover a new series of books when they are far from new. Clancy was on his third release when I discovered Jack Ryan. Michael Connolly and his famed Harry Bosch were many volumes into their adventures, Lee Child and Jack Reacher were...

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Publishing-on-Demand – A How-To Guide – 2

So you want to publish a book... Not any book... Your Book?   Welcome to Ian Andrew's Guide to Professional Independent Publishing on Demand. Part Two No. 2 - Which companies to use... An E-book explanation. I  suppose a simple declaration at the start would be...

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Who do you think you are, Jon Snow?

So I wrote this for my Mrs, and others like her, who love Game of Thrones, but lose the plot on who is who at times.. Still confused about who the heck Jon Snow's parents are? Let me explain as simply as possible... If you are a Game of Thrones “nerd” and know all...

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