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A cost effective method to independently publish your books has never been easier to acccess. But how do you format, prepare and ready your account? How can you get the proof copy of your book in your hand easily and effectively? How can you acquire professional, eye-catching cover art?

Simple; The Book Reality Experience is here to help.

Book Reality realises your dream. Get your book as a proofed paperback and a ‘ready for download e-book’ within weeks. Then make it instantly available to a global audience of readers.  For your book is your dream.

Together we can make it a reality.

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Publish on Demand


In the past there were two ways to get published;

The traditional route. Agents, publisher’s and rejection letters. Lots of rejection letters. Suffering the slings and arrows of those alleged guardians of the publishing world. Those faceless representatives who in the past and in their wisdom rejected Agatha Christie for years and JK Rowling potentially for ever, had it not been for a young girl convincing her publisher Mum to bring the rest of the book home.

So, this first way might not be your best bet.

Then there was Vanity publishing. Write your book, pay a lot of money to get some copies published, then become a sales person. Taking your book ‘door-to-door’ like a second-hand vacuum seller in the hope of finding someone to buy it. Struggle to sell them and normally end up with hundreds of paperbacks languishing in a store cupboard.

But now there is a new way. Write your book, submit your book and have it globally available for all to see and purchase, using Publish On Demand (POD) technology. No agents to get through, no permissions to be gained, no boxes of books waiting to be sold. But POD needs your manuscript and cover to be format ready. It needs accounts established. For the biggest and best marketplace, Amazon’s Kindle* and CreateSpace*, it needs you to set up US accounts and US tax details. It can be tricky, fiddly, time consuming and frustrating.

But it needn’t be; Book Reality will get you from manuscript to Paperback and E-book proof without you needing to fuss or worry.

Together we will turn your Book Dream into Reality.


Who We Are


The Book Reality Experience was founded by Ian Andrew, an independently published author, after he met a number of writers who had been frustrated by traditional publishing routes. Having enjoyed the euphoric feeling that came from holding a Publish-on-Demand (POD) paperback version of his own novel, he wanted others to be able to share in the same. However, he also realised that many writers didn’t have the technical knowledge or the time to get through the steps needed to harness the power of POD. Knowing how to quickly and easily navigate the system and having the luxury of contacts within Graphic Design and Book Editing, Ian determined to reach out and help other writers so that they too could enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of turning their book dreams into reality.

bilby testimonial pic“I wrote my book 12 years ago and despite overwhelmingly great feedback from the young adults who read it, I couldn’t make the breakthrough into traditional publishing. I knew it would be well read if only I could get it to market. Now, through Book Reality, my novel is available for sale globally through Amazon. My book, out there for all to read; it really is a dream come true.

I found Ian Andrew at Book Reality to be thoroughly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable in all facets of book publication. An author himself, he understood the feelings writers have about their work and their hopes and dreams – I would recommend this business to anyone.”

H Allan

Bilby, An Australian Adventure

heartbeats“I received a lot of encouragement from my blog readers to write a book about my family’s journey with congenital heart disease. It was a great idea but I had no clue where to start and the thought was quite daunting. I was recommended to contact Ian at Book Reality by another local author and it was the best thing I did! I found Ian to not only be very professional and excellent at his work, but also extremely generous with his time and helpful in every way possible! He went above and beyond to help my dream come true and I am now at the end stages of publishing my book thanks to him! After reading and editing, Ian also generously donated his fee to a charity very important to my family’s circumstances. He spent countless hours talking with and advising me, so I will be recommending Book Reality to everyone I know!”

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Lauren Casey

The Way My Heart Beats

belfast tale“Kindle version! I’ve been working with a fantastic company, Book Reality, to make some fixes. As a result, I should have a nice clean Kindle version ready soon. As for Book Reality, you’ll be the first place I turn to if I independently-publish again!

I feel spoiled rotten by your service!”

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Angeline King

A Belfast Tale

“I first met Ian Andrew when I attended his self-publishing workshop. He presented the session with a mix of knowledge, humour, humility and the ability to present information in an interesting manner. I went away with a renewed passion for writing, and from there began to revisit the children’s stories I had written years ago. At the time I was also undertaking a project close to my heart, writing my father’s life story. But I didn’t know where to start with the self-publishing process, so I contacted Ian for some more information and assistance. Ian has always responded in a timely manner; willing to help me in whatever way he can. I have found his assistance invaluable, and appreciate his willingness to meet with me or correspond by email when I have needed extra help. I cannot express my gratitude enough; it is because of Ian’s kind nature and approachability that I felt I could turn to him for guidance. Because of him I am now inspired to realise my childhood dream of becoming a writer, to have my name on bookshelves like he has done. For these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to anyone who is as passionate about writing as he is!”

Suzi Faed

Tick Tock

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